17 ways to save money and the environment 
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17 ways to save money while being green

         Saving money while being green is a two for one deal. Everyone wants to save tons of money in their everyday life and not having to worry about it is even better. However what if you can? Currently, more and more media attention has been focused on the morib global warming issue. As you know, numorous people around the world have become active in the fight to preserve the enviroment and start going green. Not only does helping the enviroment make you feel refreshed and clensed, it also can help save money that will be put money back into your wallet. Everyone can give in their two cents to preserve the lushous enviroment for the generations to come. These are 17 ways that will help save tons of your hard earned cash while being green.

1. Try to car-pool on your route to work. Car-pooling is when a few people go to the same place in one car instead of wasting gas and riding on various different veichles. There are many privalliges sprouting all around that are exclusivly for carpoolers. For instance, there are parking stops that are practically closer than the handi-capped parking spaces. You will start saving barrels of gas over the first few months. To make an offer to carpool more appealing, share the money that will be saved with the desinated car driver.

However, if carpool isn't right for you for any reason or if you want to save another incredible bundle with carpooling, there is always changing your car completly. There is a resort of turning your car into an electric fueled power car. The process is not as expensive as most people imagine. In fact, it is quiet easy with a few guided steps. Electric cars can run for a little lower than $0.05 a gallon! That is imcredibly low compared with the skyrocketing oil prices. To add upon that, changing a dirty oil based car into a clean electric car will qualify for a $4,000 Federal Tax Rebate To check out the Electrical Car Converison click here.

3. Install solar panels onto your property. Imagine using the blazing hot sun rays that shine onto your property to make into your very own energy. Solar panels stop the use of electricity that is made from electric companies burning coal and use the FREE electricity that can be extracted for absolutly free. It is like having your very own electrical company that does not change any part of your life. In addition, you can actually sell the excess electricity to the power companies for a huge profit. The whole process sounds like an expensive project, but it is actually very cheap. In a matter of weeks, your enitire fund to get solar panels are paid for in savings and extra power sold to power companies. Solar Panels have definatly created a lot of buzz because of its efficientcy. To get the best price on the guildlines to get solar panels, ClickHere.
4. Use less. This tip sounds like the easiest and most logical but in reality, the majority of people do not follow this. There are only a handful of daily activities that require the current normal amount of resources being used by most people. There are countless ideas that used to be oblivious to the naked eye. For example, put a big object in your toliet tank so that every flush uses less water during the refil. The object takes the space of the water being saved each time. Also, use a full load each time you do the laundry. Each load of laundry uses the same amount of water so why not get more clean clothes for your money?

5. Recycle your cans and bottles can save a great deal of electricity. On most of the cans and bottles in the Americe there is  a refund of either 5 cents or 10 cents each depending on where you live. Although it sounds like a small amount, after a few trips to the recycling center it can build up. Even if there is no place to get a refund for cans and bottles around you, it is still a good humanitarian deed to recycle. Just remember, even if you don't get paid instantly, doing good deeds will result in good luck in return.

6. Buy ebooks. ebooks are growing in popularity because of its convenience. ebooks exactly like books except for two significant differences, ebooks are cheaper and digital. Instead of buying a book that pratically killed a tree on its own, buy an ebook. There are no damages to the enviroment and are cheaper because ebooks do not require paper at all. This means the money to buy the paper is kept in your pocket but also the cost to ship the books to a store or your home. ebooks are just another part of the digital revolution that will move the world one step closer to preserving the enviroment.  For a list of over 2,000 ebooks click on one of the following links, they are both very well stocked. FirstSecond

6.5 This does not count as a tip but as an add on to tip number 6. ebooks can be sold by anyone so if you have or are going to write an ebook click on this link to start the process of selling your ebook online now! ebooklink or Sellebook7. Pay Bills Online. Everyone over the age of 21 probably has numorous letters coming through the mail every other week. This gets very annoying because these letters interfer with the real letters from friends or buisness conections. The cure for this is to just pay the bills online. Many compainies offer this service because of the simple fact: sending letters to millions of customers is cash consuming. The companies have to pay for paper and stamps to mail these letters or they could save the money and do this digitally. Most compainies offer a discount on your bil; if you choose to pay online saving the company money.  Returning these letters would also cost YOU money aswell so choosing to pay online is basically a WIN-WIN situation
8. Only buy items that are  made from recycled materials. Materials made out of post-consumed materials are completly sanitary and are generally the same price or slightly cheaper. If more and more people continue to increase the section of people who buy products with post comsumed materials, more compainies will switch to using recycled materials. Over the long run, millions of trees will be saved just because you decided to pick the product on the right of the shelf in the store for a change.
9. Buy electronics with the Energy Star logo on it. The Energy Star logo is famous for selling the top of the line electronic machines that reduce your electrical use. The goverment created this program to help the awarness of global warming and to save on everyday appliences. Some electronics are refridgerators, dishwashers, and laptops. The site is http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=home.index just incase you want to do further investigations.

10. Use a water filter and reuseable bottles instead of bottled water. Bottled water consists of a lot of plastic to contain and it isn't very cheap either. A water filter can save hundreds of dollars each when you replace bottled water with it. Water filters are generally around $20.00 but each last for a few years. Compared to bottled water, that is barly the price for a month's worth of bottled water. It almost instantaniously pays for itself and more. Howerver if you are searching for a long term investment in a water filter that can last for ATLEAST 12 years, click Here. This water filter works better than a regular one and it saves even more money. There will never be a reason to switch back to bottled water so you might as well save time and money on the proposed water filter.

11. Eat Smarter. Buying food that tastes good sounds okay, but what if you could eat something that is delicious and healthy? Now that would be fantastic! Buying Organic food is becoming more popular. Organic food is healthier because it is slightly more expensive due to all the care given in the growing process.  Cows that are locked in a packed and smelly factory produce a lot of methane and are feed the cheapest substance avalible. This forces cows to produce a lot more methane. On the other hand, cows that are allowed to graze over tons of open space live a healthier life, Their meat is not made up of giggly fat but instead it is lean muscle. Healthier cows provide less pollution to the atmosphere and give you a healtheir meal. You are probably wondering, where is the part of this plan to save money? Well, a steady change to organic food will give you a better health. In result, you will save money on not having malady and illnesses that cheap fat beef produces.
12. Save and type a presentation. Using a digital presentation for buisness or school is a much better idea than handwriting the piece, especially if it is probably going to be  a long one. A digital presentation is appears to be more effervesent and friendly to the eyes. There isn't a requirement for a bright powerpoint and it would look much better than a pile of papers with nothing but black letters on them. You can save money on paper and actually improve the overall outcome of your presentation. Hey, you might even get a raise by using a digital presentation. Also, typing is much much faster than writing a piece by hand.

13. Use reusable bags. This is definatly a no brainer but I need to still stress how important it is to use reuseable bags. Many stores offer a rebate when you use a reuseable bag instead of their plastic one. It takes more energy than you thought to make a single plastic bag. The reuseable bags can be used for any type of storage because it is so convenent. This is a small change in your life to make a big change in the environment,

14. Buy used. Buying used products does not mean any decrease in social status. In fact, it is a great way to save a lot of money and many of the thing are only used a few times. If you ever went on ebay or anything other site that includes selling used items, you probably know that it is a very good place to save a lot of extra cash. Buying used products such as clothes and electronics can help decrease amount of fabrics and energy used.

15. Start a small garden in your backyard. Growing a few vegtibles in your backyard can save you a hundred dollars in produce a year. You will also have the satisfaction of reducing the carbon in the air and having cleaner air. Another plus of having a small garden is that  you will be supplied with organic food. There is plenty of nutrients in the terrain surrounding your home because there hasn't been any farming around it in a long time. As a result, your vegtibles will be more nutrishioush.

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